Mowecam 0.1.5 JAR
Mowecam 0.1.5 JAD
If you decide to test Mowecam please let me know of your mobile phone model and how the test went!

Mowecam is a Mobile Web Camera. It uploads photos periodically to a web server. Photos can then be viewed from any Internet browser. Currently uploaded photos can be fetched from the following service URL:[unique_key] (Replace [unique_key] with your own key you typed into the application).

Currently implementing a motion detection algorithm. If selected, Mowecam will then upload image only upon detection of motion (optional SMS alert, email or phonecall to monitor sound).

== Changelog ==
* Removed code that saves image to local memory (stick) which forced permission check on each capture (annoying).
* Changed the internal workings of the UI a lot to make the app functional on several Nokia phones (s60)
* More error messages if things go wrong

* Use standard POST parameters for application data instead of custom HTTP headers. Some proxies seem to filter non-standard HTTP headers.
* Improved upload progress screen (for you Martin)

* Check for empty email (unique key) before posting image
* Use own Base64 en/decoding to remove dependency on (nokia emulator complained)
* Added OK command to main menu (Nokia phones need this)
* Cleaned up imports

* original version